Our recipes are very powerful. And they look beautiful. In fact they can look exactly the way you want them to. Below are some examples of the exact same recipe but shown using different themes.

Requesting a custom theme

You can request a custom theme by contacting us through our chat window - this is the round button you see in the bottom right of every screen - or emailing support@cooklybookly.com.

Just let us know you are looking for a custom theme and we'll get in touch.

How recipes work

Recipes don't just look beautiful, they're also really interactive. You can do the following when viewing a CooklyBookly recipe.

  • Scaling - by adjusting the number field, all the ingredients will automatically scale.
  • Unit conversion - wherever you see a unit of measurement (weights, volumes, temperatures) you can click on the number to switch between US and Metric unit systems.  You can also press the slider button to do the same.
  • Add to collections - you can click on the icon - this is the books icon in the floating toolbar on the right of the page - to add this to any of your collections. 
  • Print - when you print a recipe in CooklyBookly, all of the color and images is removed so you reduce paper and ink cartridge usage.
  • Popup notes - a recipe author can make notes against and ingredient or the recipe as a whole. You can click on icons that appear to bring up these notes. This keeps the recipe content nice and light for normal reading but allows these extra details to be brought up on demand.

Creating and editing recipes

You can find information on this in this article.

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