CooklyBookly lets authors publish different types of content.

  • Recipes - beautifully and individually styled recipes.
  • Techniques - content designed to explain culinary techniques and often incorporating videos.
  • Blog posts - opinion pieces and new
  • Collections - digital books that Authors and regular users can create to group all types of content into something that can be read like a book.


Finding content is simple using the search box at the top of the page. 

  • When you are in the Home section, CooklyBookly will search across all content types. 
  • When you are in any of the other sections, your search will be limited to the content contained in that section.


In all content sections other than Home, you can refine your search by using the filter button in the left hand column. This will reveal things that let you narrow down your main search.

Recently viewed content

CooklyBookly tracks each piece of content that you view. The recently viewed icon in the top toolbar brings up a list of content you recently viewed. This is a great way of moving between pieces of content without having to search each time.

Creating content

You can create your own recipes, techniques and blog posts once you have created a free user account. To do this, click on the login link on the far right of the top toolbar and then press then Signup button.

Go to the Author User Guide for information on creating content.

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