You will need to create a free user account in order to create content. Click on the login link on the far right of the top toolbar and then press then Signup button.

Creating new content

To create a new technique or blog posts, first click on either technique or blog in the toolbar menu. Then, click on Click here to create new ... and you will be taken to a new screen.


You should first specify the settings for your new content.

  • You must always specify a title for your content. 
  • A short subtitle is not essential but is generally a good idea.
  • Select a theme if one os not already selected.
  • We strongly recommend you upload an image to use in the listing. This should be at least 400 pixels wide and should ideally be square of landscape in format.
  • It is a good idea to specify some tags to help people find your content. This can be done by entering a tag word and then pressing the Enter key after each word. 

The Editor

The most important field is the Editor. This is where you enter your blog or technique text.

The editor is very easy to use but there are certain things you should understand in order for you and your readers to get the most out of CooklyBookly.

Link to content

This allows you to link to another piece of CooklyBookly content. After clicking on the icon you will be shown a chooser that lets you select a recipe, technique, blog post or Gallery image. The link will appear as a highlighted, underlined piece of text.

Inline content

You can also show images ad videos within the content. Clicking the picture icon will show the Media Gallery at the bottom of the page. Select an item from the gallery then press the Insert Item button to place it within your text at the position of the cursor.

Unit Conversion

This powerful feature lets you write content that will convert between US and Metric units depending on the location of the reader. 

You might write some text in the format 'Heat your oven to 200C'. If you were more sympathetic to an international audience, then you might write 'Heat your oven to 200C/290F'.

However, using the Unit Conversion feature lets you insert the temperature in your preferred unit so CooklyBookly knows to convert it to match the units of the ingredients for the reader.

When you press the toolbar icon, you'll see the following.

After clicking the Insert button, you should see the value inserted like this.

Headings and normal text

It is very important that you format your text correctly for headings. This is done using the dropdown list as shown in the toolbar image higher up this page.

Do not create headings by highlighting text and making it bold or any other hacks. The reason for this is that CooklyBookly can generate a page contents list from the headings. You will see this as a tab on the right hand side of the page for any piece of displayed content.

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