Once you have created your account you should make sure that a couple of fields are properly set so that your details can be shown in your published content. This will increase the number of people following you.

To access the settings screen

  • Click on your user picture in the top right of the toolbar.
  • Then select 'Edit Profile' from the dropdown menu.

There are three tabs within the page, General, Profile Settings and Communities.

General settings

  • First and last name
  • User Image / Avatar - this is usually a picture of yourself or a logo. You can drag and drop an image (at least 300 pixels wide and high) from your computer or device or you can select an image from the gallery. A simple image cropping tool will appear to ensure it ends up as a square image.
  • Private email address - this is the email address we will use to contact you. No-one else will see this.
  • Handle - every account needs to have a user handle. This will show up as @yourhandle in listings and, when clicked on, will take people to your user profile page.
  • Company name - this will be displayed next to your user picture as an alternative to your first and last name.
  • Strapline - a very short piece of text saying what you do or represent.
  • About You - provide some words about yourself. This text, along with your avatar image and your social media channels will appear at the bottom of your content and on your user profile page.
  • Social Media & Website - you can specify your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok pages as well as your website. These will be displayed to visitors when they see your content.
  • Units of measurement - this indicates whether you will be working with US or metric units by default.

Profile Page

These are the settings that control what appears on your profile page.

  • Default recipe and post themes - set these so they are always selected as the default themes in your content.
  • Profile page header - you can choose between a static image and HTML at the top of the page. If you want to use an HTML header, click here for details. Do not set it to HTML unless you have properly configured it.
  • Profile image - this is an image that will appear at the top of your profile page (unless you have selected HTML). This image should be close to 1000 pixels wide, Don't make it much more than 400 pixels high or it will push your other content out of view, so visitors might not be aware that it's there.
  • Profile Header HTML - please do not use this feature unless you have read this documentation first.
  • Profile primary color - you can change the color of the header toolbar, the buttons in your bio section and the divider bar beneath the bio. This color must be a hex color value.

The other fields do not need to be set and are not currently displayed anywhere.

Community settings

  • Community hashtags - you don't need to set these up right now but this is where you can manage communities you own or leave communities you have joined. Please click here for more information on communities.

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