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This page is for anyone who wants to know what drives the most traffic to your CooklyBookly profile page and what is likely to maximize your earnings. There is no requirement to follow these suggestions; everyone will have their own preferred approach. 

Which channels to post to?

We recommend that you post to all the social media channels you're active on. Many of our authors use Instagram as their primary channel but Twitter and Facebook can outperform Instagram because you can include clickable links to your CooklyBookly content in your posts.

Your Instagram bio / Twitter profile / Facebook 'About' section

One of the best ways to maximize your traffic is to make it very clear that your recipes are on CooklyBookly. Below is an example of a CooklyBookly author doing just this.

Now, when users are seeing any of your posts, they know what they can expect when they click on the link. If you don't mention what the link is or where it points to, people are much less likely to click on it.

To find the correct URL (cooklybookly.com/yourhandle) view your user profile page and copy the url from the browser address bar. Remove any characters beyond your user handle.

Instagram Posts

We know that when you post, you're taking a lot more into consideration than CooklyBookly. But if you want to maximize your CooklyBookly traffic then the following tips have been shown to be most effective.

  • Add "Recipe link in bio’" (or something to that effect) in the first line of your post caption. The lower down the caption it goes, the less likely people will see it and know that there is a recipe behind the image.
  • Put the longer narrative beneath this. Now your followers know that they can recreate your dishes at home and they can read the full caption as well.
  • If you include the recipe itself in your post, either in the caption or within the image(s), then people are less likely to click on your bio link. A compromise is to include the ingredients and omit the method/instructions (or vice versa). You can then add "For the full recipe, click on the link in my bio", or something to that effect, beneath it.

Instagram Stories

Use the Swipe Up feature (if applicable) to drive followers to a specific piece of content or to your user profile page.

Instagram Highlights

For authors with the Swipe Up capability, a very effective strategy for driving more traffic from old posts is to create a "Recipes" highlight.

Adding previous recipe Swipe Ups to a "Recipes" highlight gives your followers easy access to old recipes. This will drive them to your recipes, where they can then also discover more of your content.


  • Post long-form videos to IGTV, instead of posting a series of short videos on your feed where your followers need to swipe right.
  • The benefit of posting long-form videos to IGTV is that you can include clickable links within IGTV captions, which drives traffic to your CooklyBookly content. Posting to IGTV also boosts your visibility.
  • You can post a 1 minute snippet of the IGTV video on your feed. You can also provide a swipe up link to IGTV in your Instagram story.

Twitter & Facebook

Twitter and Facebook can encourage virality due to the ability to retweet and share FB posts. You can also include clickable links directly in your posts, which you can't do with Instagram.

Instagram allows you to share your posts to Facebook and Twitter, both at the time of posting and for past posts. If you have a lengthy Instagram post caption, bear in mind Twitter's character limit and edit accordingly.

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