There is a strong correlation between the amount of traffic content gets and the quality of the photograph you post in CooklyBookly, Instagram or anywhere else.

The artistically less gifted of us know that taking a good photograph is not easy, so we've teamed up with professional food photographer, Jemma Watts.

Jemma has worked with world famous chefs and cookbook publishers and put together some fantastic video tutorials for beginners or anyone who wants to think a bit more professional about their food photography.

Where do I find the guides?

  • The best place to start is Jemma's Food Photography Guide, which is a CooklyBookly collection.
  • You can also go to the techniques section and search for 'Jemma Watts'.

How can I contact Jemma directly?

If you want to speak to Jemma about her courses, webinars or you want professional photography for a book, go to

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