Community hashtags are much like hashtags on other social media platforms. The main difference is that a community hashtag has an accompanying description. This helps people find existing communities by being able to search within the description field as well.

Community hashtags will appear in content listings. You can click on a hashtag to filter the listing to that hashtag.

Searching for community hashtags

In the search bar, press the # key and start typing. You will see a list appear that shows matches within hashtags or descriptions. You can click on a hashtag in the list to complete the search or press

Tagging content and creating a hashtag

You should generally tag any of your content. When editing, you will see a community hashtags field. You can press the # key to search for existing ones or you can type a hashtag name and press enter.

If the hashtag you entered already exists, it will be added. If it does not exists, you will be asked to give a short description of this community tag. Providing a sensible description will help it be found by others.

Joining a community

When you click on the community hashtag, a filter is applied to that community and the community details will be displayed at the top of the listing.

You might want to join a community so when you search, communities you have joined and regularly use will appear in the left hand column and are instantly clickable without having to search or remember the exact community name.

Owning a community and editing the description

In the future, we plan to extend community features, allowing things like assigning community moderators and community home pages.

For now, the only thing a community owner is able to do is modify the community description.

This is done by editing your user profile. Go to the communities section and press the Edit Communities button.

You can then edit the descriptions of the communities you own or leave communities you've joined.

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