What counts as a referral?

We cannot accept a list of people you might know, follow or follow you. Lots of people know and follow the same people!

A referral is someone who contacts us either at support@cooklybookly.com or DMs @cooklybooklyhq on Instagram and says that they have been recommended to CooklyBookly by you. It is important you stress to them that your name should be mentioned.

How do you know we've got a referral?

As soon as we receive the referral, we will email you and cc the referred author so all parties have the confirmation in writing.


Here's a summary of the remuneration.

  • We will pay you a one-off referral fee based on the amount of traffic the referred author generates in their first month of posting.
  • This month starts on the date of their first Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post that points people to their CooklyBookly content.
  • We will pay you at a rate of $10 / £8 per thousand page views.
  • We will not make individual payments of less than $25 / £20 but referral payments may be carried over for up to 3 months.
  • There is a maximum remuneration of $250 / £200 for any individual author referred.
  • We will provide a report by email. You can also ask the person you referred to confirm the data from their own reporting.


Until we automate this process, we will ask you to send us a simple invoice for all referral payments at the end of the calendar month. We will then pay the invoice within 7 days.

Change of remuneration

We reserve the right to modify this referral agreement at any point. Should we do so, then any referrals that have already been made will be remunerated at the level that was in force prior to the changes. We will notify you of such changes by email.

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